Why I decided to return my hair back to it's natural state.

By: Ashley E


Hello Natural Beauties!

People ask me all the time what made me go natural. I have to correct them by telling them, I was born natural, so I returned back natural and didn't just go natural. If that makes sense!

My choice was not a easy one. I grew up in my mother's salon. Every style that came out between 1990-2011 I had it. I would have long hair during winter and cut it short when it got hot outside. I was so use to changing my styles, I thought returning natural would not work for me. I would see women with a TWA and think I do not want to look like a boy. Not saying they did, I just knew I didn't want too.

After two years of thinking about cutting all my relaxed hair off, I joined a Natural Hair group on Facebook. I started reading all these post from women with Cancer saying the first thing their Doctor told them to do was to stop perming their hair. I thought  to myself RELAXERS must cause cancer. Why else would they tell them to stop using it. I started thinking about how my scalp would itch so bad when it was time for another relaxer, but I couldn't scratch because the perm would burn. So I couldn't satisfy my itchy scalp because I was going to put chemicals on it later. (Now that I think about it that's insane) That same day I stopped perming my hair. 

For four months I would roll my hair so that the remaining permed hair would blend with my incoming natural hair. I read so many articles about taking care of natural hair. I went to Natural Hair Salons to get advice about taking care of my hair. Finally I talked to my Husband and asked his thoughts. YES! I asked my husband, because when he married me I had long straight hair, and before I changed something I knew he loved about me, I had to involve him in my decision. At first he was not trying to hear it, he said WHY would you do that. After explaining everything to him, he finally said yes, but I could tell he only said it to make me happy. The next day I got up, got a pair of scissors and cut all the permed hair off. And to my surprise I love the way I looked, and so did my husband. Every time I sit next to him, his hands goes straight to my hair. Something he did not do when my hair was relaxed.

We eat chemicals every time we eat something. We breathing in chemicals every time we breathe in. Chemicals are in our water. Those things I can not control but I can control with chemicals I put on my body.