Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. The border color on the dashiki may vary from the picture.Comes in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Comes with two pockets. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. Made in Thailand or India

While the common dashikis found in the US today are comfortable and cheap clothes, the dashiki has a long history that originated in West Africa and was originally a shirt covering the entire chest as well as in a much longer version called the grand boubou. Dashikis were loose fitting and light enough to offer protection for the sun and heat, very important with the West African climate!

The dashiki has made a huge breakthrough from Africa since the African American culture struggles of the 1960's where it became a symbol of affirmation, it stood for “black is beautiful,” and signaled a return to African roots. Dashiki's first started being made in Harlem around the summer of 1960 and now find a home all over the US.